Eco Tips — Autumnal Sunshine

The Indian summer being enjoyed by so many in Ireland this year sets people up for the winter. It is a great opportunity to get out and enjoy our wonderful countryside – sunshine streaming through trees, the first leaves beginning their autumnal descent to forest floors (though trees are late in changing colours this autumn, a treat to look forward to), glorious light on hillsides, purple clad mountains, glistening sea and enchanting foreshores. There is so much to appreciate all around us. It is important that we do value our environment, not just for our health (mental wellbeing is given such a boost by people spending time in town parks and wild areas) but for all life on earth; biodiversity is widely known to be in decline as habitats are adversely affected by human activities. Humans need a healthy environment to continue living on this fragile earth so, go on, do your bit to help preserve it. The youth of today are grasping the message and are proactively demonstrating their concerns through participation in Climate Strikes and requesting the government to take immediate action to stem climate change. Enjoy our world by acting to preserve it while we can.

Song of Praise

There will be a Songs of Praise service in Nun’s Cross church on Sunday 27th October at 7pm. This is an opportunity to sing favourite hymns. If you plan to come and have a favourite, you can request it by email to

Harvest Prayer

God of harvest, gardener supreme, you place us at the centre, feed us, equip us and having provided for us look to a different harvest, a fruitfulness of lives in service to you and others. God of harvest, feed us, prune us, harvest us, that our lives might bring glory to you. Amen

Camino de Glendalough

The annual diocesan pilgrimage, the Glendalough Camino, will take place on Saturday September 14. The Camino has been growing from strength to strength and over 100 people joined the full pilgrimage from Hollywood to Glendalough along St Kevin’s Way last year.

As usual pilgrims have two options. They can either undertake the full Camino route from Hollywood to Glendalough, a distance of 30 kilometres, or they can join shorter routes from the Wicklow Gap down to Glendalough, or around the monastic city itself. All participants on all the routes are invited to attend the short closing service which takes place at the stone ring fort on the shores of the Upper Lake in Glendalough at 5pm. Those undertaking the full pilgrimage should allow six hours to complete the route. A pilgrim’s blessing will be given in the ancient St Kevin’s Church in Hollywood at 9am on Saturday morning after which they will set out. A bus will be provided to bring people back to Hollywood. Those wishing to avail of this bus service must register and provide contact details before departing.

Pilgrims planning to walk from the Wicklow Gap or around Glendalough may depart from St John’s Church in Laragh which acts as a hub for the Camino throughout the day. Parking will be available locally and there will be a bus to bring people to the Wicklow Gap or the Monastic City at regular intervals throughout the day. A full timetable will be available on the diocesan website at nearer the time. Updates will also be available on Facebook at

Animal Service

This year’s animal blessing service takes place on Sunday 8th September. How grateful we should be to God for our working animals and for the pets who are so good for our physical and mental well-being. This is an opportunity to express our thanks and enjoy the company of four legged friends.