Advance Notice – Remembrance

The annual service of remembrance of past loved ones takes place on Sunday 3rd November at 7pm. There will be a form available from Sunday 27th October on which the names of relatives and friends you would like to remember may be listed. It is a wonderful thing to give thanks to God for those whose lives have blessed us.

This year’s Remembrance Sunday service is on 10th November when the end of the First World War will be commemorated in Nun’s Cross church. There will be an Act of Remembrance and an opportunity to support the Poppy Appeal.

Diocesan Synods

The Diocesan Synods take place in Taney Parish Centre on Tuesday 8th October. The Wicklow parish lay representatives will be Stuart DauntSmyth, Penny Phillips, Thomas Yennusick and Jonathon Patton and the Killiskey parish lay representatives will be Stephanie McDonald and Edgard Hall. They will be joined by Rev Jack and Rev Ken.

Eco Tips — Reducing Carbon Footprint

Alaska, that bastion of ice and coolness, is currently sweltering, with higher temperatures than most residents there have ever experienced. Vast areas of the country’s forests are ablaze. Ironically, other areas are threatened with flooding as so much snow has melted in the elevated temperatures. Nearer home, this summer many parts of mainland Europe have endured their hottest temperatures ever on record, in excess of 40⁰C, causing normal activities to be curtailed, e.g. schools were closed. Ireland has been warned that our temperatures could increase nearly as high in future summers, a terrifying thought. Torrential rain is also likely, as has occurred in the UK recently, wreaking local havoc. The time to act is NOW. How? REDUCE our use of earth’s resources in EVERY aspect of our lives. People wrongly think Ireland cannot have much impact in world affairs: Ireland introduced paying for plastic bags in supermarkets (an immediate reduction in their use resulted) and later banned smoking in public places: both of these actions were subsequently adopted by other countries. If we set the trend for reducing our carbon footprint, other countries will take note. Each of us can and must play our part by examining our lifestyle and devising ways to reduce our environmental impact.

Prayer Point – August

Please pray for:

*The Archbishop and clergy of the United Dioceses of Dublin & Glendalough
* The continuing expansion of the Christian church in Africa, Asia and South America
* The witness of our church and church members in our local community
* Constructive discussions between the EU, Ireland and UK concerning BREXIT
* Children commencing national and secondary schools
* Awareness and conscious examination of our lifestyles and their environmental impact
* All involved in care ministries, including hospital staff and social workers


A BBQ in aid of Wicklow Parish & Friends of St Luke’s Hospital, Rathgar will be held on Sunday, September 15th at Brian O’Rorke’s home, Killmullen House Moneystown, near Roundwood starting at 1 pm. Steak, hog roast and a vegetarian option will be served, accompanied by homemade salads and desserts. Kids of all sizes will be entertained by a selection of carnival style games, activities and a treasure hunt through the grounds. Adults can enjoy refreshments including wine. Children and family tickets (€8/€55) will be available on the day at the gate or in advance through Brian O’Rorke 086 342 8226 .

Camino de Glendalough

The annual diocesan pilgrimage, the Glendalough Camino, will take place on Saturday September 14. The Camino has been growing from strength to strength and over 100 people joined the full pilgrimage from Hollywood to Glendalough along St Kevin’s Way last year. The pilgrimage has traditionally taken place on a Sunday but has been moved to a Saturday this year following feedback from clergy of the dioceses. As usual pilgrims have two options. They can either undertake the full Camino route from Hollywood to Glendalough, a distance of 30 kilometres, or they can join shorter routes from the Wicklow Gap down to Glendalough, or around the monastic city itself. All participants on all the routes are invited to attend the short closing service which takes place at the stone ring fort on the shores of the Upper Lake in Glendalough at 5pm. Those undertaking the full pilgrimage should allow six hours to complete the route. A pilgrim’s blessing will be given in the ancient St Kevin’s Church in Hollywood at 9am on Saturday morning after which they will set out. A bus will be provided to bring people back to Hollywood. Those wishing to avail of this bus service must register and provide contact details before departing. Pilgrims planning to walk from the Wicklow Gap or around Glendalough may depart from St John’s Church in Laragh which acts as a hub for the Camino throughout the day. Parking will be available locally and there will be a bus to bring people to the Wicklow Gap or the Monastic City at regular intervals throughout the day. A full timetable will be available on the diocesan website at nearer the time. Updates will also be available on Facebook at DublinandGlendalough