Parish News

Concert Tour – WinterSong

A concert of Christmas music of  the 16–18th centuries for  Voice, Lute, Renaissance and Baroque Guitars

When: 8pm Saturday 15 December 2018

Venue: Nun’s Cross Church, Ashford

Tonos: Ròisìn O’Grady – Soprano; Eamon Sweeney – Renaissance and Baroque Guitars, Renaissance Lute

Tonos specialise in the music of the 16th–18th centuries and are delighted to be performing in the Church as part of their 8-date Arts Council-funded national tour which coincides with the launch of their CD: WinterSong.

Church Review

Many thanks are due to Vera Webster who has organised the distribution of the Church Review for many years. Lesley Rue is taking over this role from January 2019. If you would like your name to be added to the list of recipients in 2019, please let Lesley know.

Advent Midweek Service

In Advent there will be 3 reflective services, on Thursday 6th, 13th and 20th December, enabling some time out in preparation for the coming glory of the incarnation. These will be simple services, using slightly different forms of worship. They will begin at 7.30pm in Wicklow Parish church and will last approximately 25 minutes. You are invited to come along to one or more of these services, for a time of quiet reflection as we prepare for the joyous celebration of Christmas.

Advent Quiet Evenings

On Wednesday evenings at 7.30pm, the Dominican Ecology Centre in Wicklow is holding a series of quiet evenings which feature praying with the Advent Gospels, commencing on November 27th and continuing until December 18th

Green Solution

It does not look as if Ireland will meet its targets to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions by 2020 as promised. However, on a more positive note, schools are educating our youngsters about the effects of climate change and businesses increasingly are developing new, sustainable, green technologies. Thus, new careers are opening up to address the carbon problem, in addition to traditional roles such as forestry. (Trees are vitally important for our planet.) Environmentalism and sustainability are no longer seen as the preserve of wacky weirdos, rather renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable solutions, environmental protection etc. are all fields that offer promising futures for any students who are interested in tackling the climate issue. We, as customers, can all do our bit to help too, by purchasing products that impact the environment minimally – these can range from small, everyday items to larger goods such as energy efficient kitchen appliances to double/triple glazing etc.. We need to inform ourselves and read product labels critically.

Alpha Course

The first meeting of the Alpha organising committee took place on Tuesday 23rd October. Subject to the availability of a suitable premises, the current thinking is that the course will run on Tuesday evenings from 7.30 to 9pm commencing on 15th January and concluding on 26th March.

Alpha is an 11 week course, with an additional away day. Each weekly session includes a 25 minute lecture/video, 30 minute time in table groups or small group discussion, a bit of food/tea – basically providing an atmosphere conducive to participation, discussion and learning more clearly key principles in the Christian faith.

If you would like further information please contact either Bruce Alwood (087 2547538) or Rev Ken.

School Principal

The following e-mail went to school parents on Friday 26th October: “I regret to inform you that Ms Rachel Harper has given notice of her intention to resign as Principal. Thankfully, she has offered to be with the school for a further three months. She has been appointed to be the Principal of St Patrick’s NS in Greystones.

The Board thanks Ms Harper for her eleven years of outstanding service to the school including almost seven years as an inspirational Principal. The size of the school has grown significantly during her tenure while at the same time a caring atmosphere has been maintained. We look forward to continuing the happy relationship with her during her notice period. We wish her all the best in her new role and trust that she will be fulfilled in it.

The Board will shortly be advertising the vacancy after which interviews will take place. If the successful candidate is unavailable to take up the post by the time of Ms Harper’s departure, the Deputy Principal, Ms Imelda Heaphy, will be acting Principal until the new Principal is available.

Ken Rue, Chairperson, Board of Management”