Parish News

Green Solution

It does not look as if Ireland will meet its targets to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions by 2020 as promised. However, on a more positive note, schools are educating our youngsters about the effects of climate change and businesses increasingly are developing new, sustainable, green technologies. Thus, new careers are opening up to address the carbon problem, in addition to traditional roles such as forestry. (Trees are vitally important for our planet.) Environmentalism and sustainability are no longer seen as the preserve of wacky weirdos, rather renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable solutions, environmental protection etc. are all fields that offer promising futures for any students who are interested in tackling the climate issue. We, as customers, can all do our bit to help too, by purchasing products that impact the environment minimally – these can range from small, everyday items to larger goods such as energy efficient kitchen appliances to double/triple glazing etc.. We need to inform ourselves and read product labels critically.

School Principal

The following e-mail went to school parents on Friday 26th October: “I regret to inform you that Ms Rachel Harper has given notice of her intention to resign as Principal. Thankfully, she has offered to be with the school for a further three months. She has been appointed to be the Principal of St Patrick’s NS in Greystones.

The Board thanks Ms Harper for her eleven years of outstanding service to the school including almost seven years as an inspirational Principal. The size of the school has grown significantly during her tenure while at the same time a caring atmosphere has been maintained. We look forward to continuing the happy relationship with her during her notice period. We wish her all the best in her new role and trust that she will be fulfilled in it.

The Board will shortly be advertising the vacancy after which interviews will take place. If the successful candidate is unavailable to take up the post by the time of Ms Harper’s departure, the Deputy Principal, Ms Imelda Heaphy, will be acting Principal until the new Principal is available.

Ken Rue, Chairperson, Board of Management”

Advance Notice – Remembrance

The annual service of remembrance of past loved ones takes place on Sunday 4th November at 7pm. There will be a form available from Sunday 28th October on which the names of relatives and friends you would like to remember may be listed. It is a wonderful thing to give thanks to God for those whose lives have blessed us.

This year’s Remembrance Sunday service is on 11th November when the end of the First World War will be commemorated in Nun’s Cross church. There will be an Act of Remembrance and an opportunity to support the Poppy Appeal.

Methodist Day

Rev Ken is having a Methodist Day on Sunday 14th October. He has been invited to preach in Centenary Church, Leeson Park in the morning at their harvest service and in the evening will attend the Welcoming Service for the new Methodist Minister, Rev Mark Forsyth in Wicklow. We are grateful to Diocesan Reader, David Reynolds, who will lead Morning Prayer that day.

Diocesan Synod

The Diocesan Synods take place in Temple Carrig school on Tuesday 10th October. The Wicklow parish lay representatives will be Stuart Daunt Smyth, Penny Phillips, Thomas Yennusick and Jonathon Patton and the Killiskey parish lay representatives will be Stephanie McDonald and Edgard Hall. They will be joined by Rev Jack and Rev Ken.

Youth Clubs

United Youth is a club for 4th to 6th classes. It starts on 6th October and will run from 6.00-7.30pm on the 1st Saturday of each month in term time in East Glendalough School. The programme includes games, sports, crafts, outings and most importantly fun!

The Teen Youth Group has re-commenced and will be meeting every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month in East Glendalough School 6.30–8pm. 12-18 year olds are welcome. They will be split into two discussions groups: 1st— 3rd year and TY – 6th year. Pizza afterwards for supper. This year the Scripture Union programme called NUA will be introduced to the groups for discussion and all are welcome!

Table Tennis

A Table Tennis club will commence in the Nun’s Cross school assembly room (downstairs in the new classroom block) on Wednesday 3rd October at 8pm. It will continue on most Wednesdays. If you are interested in playing, please contact Rev Ken (087 2766590) or Lesley Rue (087 2810478).