Al Ahli Hospital, Gaza

The recent situation in the Holy Land has put huge pressure on hospitals,
including Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza city which is run by our partners in the
Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem. Dublin & Glendalough has previously
supported Al Ahli Hospital by raising funds to refurbish its on–call facilities
for staff and for solar panels. Now it is asking for donations to the hospital
over the next three weeks. While Anglicans represent only a tiny minority
of the population of Gaza, Al Ahli Hospital serves all people of Gaza city
without discrimination on religious, gender, social or political grounds.
the newly installed Anglican Archbishop in Jerusalem, the Most Revd
Hosam Naoum, appealed for support for the hospital. He said: “The
Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem is continuing its Christian mission of
bringing healing to the wounded, relief to those who have lost their homes
and livelihoods and comfort to those who mourn the loss of loved ones. Al
Ahli Hospital in Gaza has been on the frontlines of these relief efforts,
becoming a beacon of hope to those trying to remain alive under such dire
circumstances.” Archbishop Naoum said the hospital is in desperate need
of funds for fuel for its generators and to purchase emergency medicine
and supplies.
Dublin and Glendalough Council for Mission is coordinating the fundraising
drive for Al Ahli Hospital from May 24 to June 11. During that time
donations can be made securely by card via the Chris