United Youth is a youth club for boys and girls in 4th, 5th and 6th class.

United Youth (4th-6th class) will meet on Saturday 5th March, in East Glendalough School, from 6-7.30pm. All new members must register the first time they attend. United Youth is open to all children in 4th-6th class who are associated with the parish or the school.  Nominal cost of €5 per meeting, which covers expenses.

The teen youth group for anyone of secondary school age will meet on Sunday 5th & 19th March, in East Glendalough School, meeting from 6.30-8pm. New members and guests always welcome !

If anyone is interested in helping with the youth club, please contact Jack by phone or mail : 086 172 7654 / kinkeadj@gmail.com