April Eco Notes

April 2023
IPCC Report
One of the best-known bible stories,
immortalised and popularised in the
musical “Joseph and the Amazing
Technicolour Dreamcoat”, is that of
Joseph interpreting the Egyptian
Pharaoh’s dreams. He foretold seven
years of plenty followed by seven
years of famine. Accordingly, he
organised the saving and storage of
grain from each of the good years.
When famine came, he rationed out
the grain to the Egyptians and they
survived, whereas people from other
nations starved. We could all learn a
valuable lesson from this biblical tale.
The International Panel on Climate
Change (IPCC) has just issued its most
stark report yet. Global temperatures
are already 1.09⁰C higher than before
industrialisation took place.
Eco Tips
Once the increase reaches 1.5⁰C, more
catastrophic effects of climate change will
manifest themselves – untold human
suffering from increasingly violent storms,
sea level rise from melting ice, floods and,
conversely, drought and desertification
etc.; famines and food shortages will be
rife. Environmental damage and the loss
to biodiversity will escalate and become
irreversible. However, if we follow
Joseph’s example, but in a modern
context, we could avoid precipitating
such global disaster. The good news is
that IT IS POSSIBLE – e.g. by investing in
technological change and by voluntarily
reducing our consumption. We can ALL
play our part now by not buying products
we don’t need, reducing waste, excessive
travel, fuel from overheating homes and
businesses. Test yourselves and see how
much you can reduce consumption –
saves money too!