Celebrating Nature And The Great Outdoors

We’ve all enjoyed an exceptionally warm September, ensuring we could spend more time outdoors, with all the health benefits that bestows. Few could fail to have noticed how spectacular and prolific the bright red rowan berries are this year, brightening up parklands, gardens and rural areas alike. Taking time to appreciate autumnal colours, from wonderful floral displays to the gradually changing hues of trees is such a joy. And how bounteous the blackberries have been! Larder shelves are heavy with pots of blackberry jams and jellies, while many happy folk have dined on good, old-fashioned and totally delicious apple and blackberry crumble. As October beckons and air temperatures fall (and rain returns!), hopefully we will still all manage to get out and enjoy nature’s beauty. Whether one likes slow rambles or vigorous walks, gentle cycle rides or fast, head-down bike races, the great outdoors has so much to offer. And on our doorstep in Wicklow we are blessed with such a rich variety of habitats – mountains, lowlands, woods, seashore: something to suit us all. Enjoy!