Climate Change And Developing Countries

It has been easy to see the recent impacts of climate change here in Ireland and in Europe, from heatwaves and forest fires in summer to storms and flooding / snowstorms in winter, but what about developing nations? Across sub-Saharan Africa, increased temperatures are causing desertification, resulting in subsistence farmers losing valuable land, which is exacerbated by overgrazing. Famines are more widespread and rapid migration from rural to urban areas is leading to overcrowded slums, through which diseases, such as covid, run rampant. The poverty gap between rich and poor nations has become wider, with the latter unable to fund necessary infrastructure to withstand the ravages wrought by climate change. Pacific islands, too, are particularly affected, with rising sea levels of major concern. Without financial backing from wealthier nations, poorer countries suffer from reduced food production and thus increased hunger levels and general human hardship. The climate crisis may not seem so critical to our lives, but our actions dictate what happens to millions of people, especially in the global south. The onus is on us all to try and reduce our carbon footprint.