COP 26

COP26 finished in Glasgow in November, with most countries agreeing to
net zero commitments; reducing forest loss and degradation; phasing out
coal burning; increasing the production of electric vehicles; reducing
methane emissions; wealthier nations increasing funding for poorer nations
to tackle and adapt to climate change. Undoubtedly, some countries could
have promised to do more, but it is hoped that the target of restricting an
increase in global temperature to 1.5⁰C is attainable. Individually, we can
also play our part. Obviously, there are the larger commitments, such as
retrofitting our homes, buying an electric car etc, but our day-to-day
activities also add up and, combined, can make a huge difference. As we
approach Christmas, could we remember the environment and buy
sustainable gifts, where appropriate; maybe buy fewer, better-quality
items (often more cost-effective in the long run), rather than large
numbers of cheaper, poorly made products. One doesn’t have to be a
“grinch” but wasting food and buying endless plastic toys or unwanted
clothes contribute hugely to global emissions. Ireland produces wonderful
food and gifts; if we support these companies, we not only contribute to
the local economy, but fewer air miles and, hopefully, less waste are
involved. May we all enjoy a “green” Christmas.