Eco Notes – April

April 2024

Biodiversity project – create a pond

Creating a pond is a wonderful way to aid and abet biodiversity. If this sounds daunting or unfeasible, be advised that even an old sink could provide a small, but invaluable, wildlife haven. Be mindful, however, if using a steep-sided container to install stones as steps so that animals can get in and out of the water; otherwise, even good swimmers may drown. The best advice is to go to the An Taisce website and download their detailed and highly informative leaflet entitled “How to Create & Manage a Pond for Wildlife”. In brief, a few pointers to get you started include: choose a sunny location for your pond. Choose a location other than a rare or valuable habitat. A naturally damp spot works well. Place your pond near existing wildlife corridors if possible. The sides of the pond should have shallow gradients at the edges to assist access for wildlife. Let the pond fill with rainwater rather than chlorinated tap water. To test if your land is free-draining, dig some trial pits and see if the water is retained or drains away. If the latter, then a pond liner will be required. Details of types and amounts of liner – and lots more information – are given in the An Taisce leaflet.