Eco Tips — Autumnal Sunshine

The Indian summer being enjoyed by so many in Ireland this year sets people up for the winter. It is a great opportunity to get out and enjoy our wonderful countryside – sunshine streaming through trees, the first leaves beginning their autumnal descent to forest floors (though trees are late in changing colours this autumn, a treat to look forward to), glorious light on hillsides, purple clad mountains, glistening sea and enchanting foreshores. There is so much to appreciate all around us. It is important that we do value our environment, not just for our health (mental wellbeing is given such a boost by people spending time in town parks and wild areas) but for all life on earth; biodiversity is widely known to be in decline as habitats are adversely affected by human activities. Humans need a healthy environment to continue living on this fragile earth so, go on, do your bit to help preserve it. The youth of today are grasping the message and are proactively demonstrating their concerns through participation in Climate Strikes and requesting the government to take immediate action to stem climate change. Enjoy our world by acting to preserve it while we can.