COP 27 Conference of Parties has just concluded in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. The good news is the creation of the Loss & Damage Fund, which will assist 77 less developed countries to pay both for the effects of climate change and for ways to adapt to it. The richer, more developed nations, who have produced most of the carbon emissions to date, will pay to this fund. However, there is an overwhelming sense of disappointment at the lack of progress in addressing the issue of reducing our carbon emissions: at present, far from decreasing, they are actually increasing.

Incredulously to some, the phasing out of fossil fuels and coal was excised from the final text. Developed nations’ failure to provide the previously promised $100,000 billion for developing nations to fight climate problems has led to less developed nations increasing their use of oil, gas and coal.

It IS possible to keep temperature increase to 1.5⁰ C above pre-industrial levels, but that will only happen if all countries take active steps to reduce emissions NOW. Individually, we can all play our part by examining our lifestyles and devising ways to reduce our own impacts.