As winter and shorter daylight hours approach, we all need to seek
positivity during this second period of significant restrictions. The great
outdoors will once again provide solace for many. Gardening is a
wonderful panacea in a turbulent world and additionally can provide food
for the larder. Reconnecting with the land proved a big hit in the first
Lockdown, let it happen again this winter; feeling the earth in one’s hands
really helps to keep people grounded. Nature can also act as a soothing
balm; we all heard and saw great stories of this in the spring. While
always remaining within 5km of your home, you could visit a local park or
wood, stroll along a beach, walk along your local road, looking carefully all
around you – a wide array of wildlife is there to be seen. Birds can also be
attracted into our gardens, by hanging up bird feeders (seed and feeders
can be delivered straight to your door by ordering on-line, e.g. from
BirdWatch Ireland in Kilcoole). A dull grey day can be brightened up by
the antics of colourful goldfinches, blue, great and coal tits and many
other species competing for food. Some lucky households will even be
blessed with the presence of great spotted woodpeckers. Enjoy!