Eco Tips — The Joy of Christmas Memories

A walk along supermarket aisles leaves no one in any doubt that Christmas is approaching. Shelves groan under the weight of sweets, chocolates, alcohol (all those lovely treats that are just that, treats, if consumed in the correct proportions!), but also a plethora of decorations, Christmas themed cushions, crockery, everything it seems, all there to lure customers to buy more than they need or can afford. Time was (still is for some) that decorations were stored in a box in the loft and then lovingly unpacked in the days or weeks coming up to Christmas, each item evoking beloved memories before being hung on the tree or placed around the house. For sure, replace those broken tree lights or buy occasional baubles, but maybe this year think before purchasing vast amounts that are not really needed. Ditto for Christmas presents. Children can be totally overwhelmed by piles of gifts, often the packaging being preferred. One could buy fewer, maybe better quality, presents for family and friends or go for experiences or gifts that will last all year round (e.g. annual subscriptions). Christmas should primarily celebrate the birth of Christ, but is also (partly) about giving, but not about wanton waste or debt. So, enjoy the festivities, remember others, reduce your waste / mind the environment.