Eco Tips October

With rising energy costs, the need to reduce our use of all forms of energy is paramount, both to lower costs and to minimise the risk of power outages. Below are a few simple steps we could all follow.

1. Heat your house less (lower temperature, shorter time). Don’t heat rooms that are never used. Wear warm clothes.

2. Turn off all switches, appliances, devices and lights that are not in use; don’t leave any on standby. If you leave a room for any length of time, turn off the radio or TV, switch off lights.

3. Wash clothes that need to be cleaned, not just ironed. Tumble driers use a lot of electricity; better options are outdoor clothes lines, weather permitting, or indoor clothes horses – heated driers are available. Ventilate the room when clothes are being dried indoors. De-humidifiers can make rooms seem warmer by drying out the air.

4. Is hot water really necessary all day long?

5. Electric showers use a lot of electricity, reduce the time spent showering.

6. When using an oven, be sure to cook more than one item at a time.

7. Use hand rather than electric appliances where feasible (whisks, sweeping brushes etc.).

8. Boil the amount of water needed rather than an entire kettle full. Save excess hot water in a flask.

9. Drive less and car-pool where possible; use public transport; walk; cycle