Green Solution

It does not look as if Ireland will meet its targets to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions by 2020 as promised. However, on a more positive note, schools are educating our youngsters about the effects of climate change and businesses increasingly are developing new, sustainable, green technologies. Thus, new careers are opening up to address the carbon problem, in addition to traditional roles such as forestry. (Trees are vitally important for our planet.) Environmentalism and sustainability are no longer seen as the preserve of wacky weirdos, rather renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable solutions, environmental protection etc. are all fields that offer promising futures for any students who are interested in tackling the climate issue. We, as customers, can all do our bit to help too, by purchasing products that impact the environment minimally – these can range from small, everyday items to larger goods such as energy efficient kitchen appliances to double/triple glazing etc.. We need to inform ourselves and read product labels critically.