Hope for the future

The parish is hugely grateful to all who provide support in so many ways.
The challenges that we have all faced and will continue to face are not just
liturgical or logistical, but financial too. Traditional methods of fund raising
could not take place this year. We would urge you to put your parish on
your Christmas present list this year in particular and help to alleviate
financial concerns, should your own circumstances permit.
There are many ways in which people can make a contribution such as:
A Once-Off gift this Christmas
Planned Giving (see below)
Contributing your time and talents to the running of the Parish
Methods of Planned Giving are:
*The envelope system which enables parishioners to donate regular cash
amounts which can be recorded for tax refund purposes. Envelopes can be
obtained from the churchwardens.
*By setting up a standing order with your bank for a minimum donation of
€5 per week (or monthly or quarterly equivalent).
*A donation or donations totalling at least €250 can be made directly to
the Parish Treasurer, Scott Golden, Malvern House, The Glebe, Wicklow
We cannot yet know just how 2021 will look, but the parish will be there
for you. We hope for a return to the traditional, but also to have learned
from the past nine months so that we may move forward with renewed
faith and hope for the future.