Learn from the youngsters’ strike over climate change

In 2018, a schoolgirl, Greta Thunberg, sat outside the Swedish parliament in protest at the lack of political will to tackle the problems of climate change. Her actions alone have ignited the now world-wide Fridays for Future, where school pupils go on strike to highlight the perilous plight of our planet. On 15th March thousands of Irish school pupils responded to the international call and joined the strike. Reportedly, more than 11,000 students marched to Dail Eireann, about 5,000 students in Cork and many, many more in a total of 37 rallies around the country, with countless other smaller gatherings. Remarkable numbers. As one student said, we have the technology but not the political will to solve the climate crisis. We should all applaud these brave (but also, importantly, peaceful) activists who have no vote and therefore cannot influence which politicians are elected, but nonetheless are making their concerns heard. Furthermore, their actions may prompt others to increase their awareness of the problems of climate change and to take personal actions to reduce their own environmental footprint.