Less is more

Snowdrops nod their graceful heads and songbirds tentatively start
singing; this year, the onset of spring seems even more poignant than
usual, with the hope that it is a harbinger of better days to come. The huge
interest in nature during this pandemic is an illustration of the human need
to reconnect with the natural world. While many aspects of life as we knew
it disappeared, nature showed us its constancy, in some instances even
thriving as human impacts were reduced. This has provided a much needed balm for the souls of many. Less time spent rushing around
resulted in more time to notice the world around us. The challenge now is
for people to relate their new-found (for some) interest in the environment
to the biodiversity and climate change crisis that faces the world and to
adapt their lifestyles accordingly. US President Biden’s actions should
provide a huge boost for the environment; additionally, companies
worldwide have the opportunity to adopt less wasteful and less polluting
practices as green technology improves. We can all help by supporting
sustainably run companies and avoiding unsustainable ones; then market
forces will direct the latter to cleaner practices.