Mental Health and Well Being

Covid19 has had dramatic effects on all our lives. We currently live in a world of divides: healthy vs sick; working vs not working leading to those with no spare time vs those with time on their hands; apartment dwellers vs those with gardens; those with desperate financial worries vs those still being paid. No matter which bracket we are in, we all need to mind our mental health. The numbers of people walking and enjoying fresh air have soared. The importance of family has been thrown into sharp focus, with frantic attempts to bring far-flung loved ones home; family members are now spending more time together than they normally ever do, often reverting to pastimes of a bygone age (colouring books, jigsaw puzzles, board games, walking). Maybe we can learn to live a less materialistic life? Meanwhile mobile phones and social media are playing a crucial role in connecting people. Now is a good time for people at home to grow vegetables (even in pots indoors) and take solace from nature as they have the time to appreciate the joys spring can bring us. A slower life style may reboot our souls.