Planned Giving

Please consider renewing or beginning your financial commitment to
Killiskey Parish by way of Planned Giving. By doing this you can maximise
the amount of money received by the Parish and greatly assist the Parish
to meet its financial commitments. Planned Giving is making a pledge to
donate an amount of money regularly over the course of the year whether
weekly, monthly, quarterly or by a single donation. Under the tax
regulations, the Parish, as a registered charity, can obtain a tax refund
from the government for recorded donations from tax payers (PAYE and
Self-Assessment) who contribute a minimum of €250 in the tax year. This
is the equivalent of €4.81 per week. The parish can claim a further approx.
45% of the amount donated from the government. Cash donations on the
plate, while very gratefully received, are not eligible for a tax refund. If you
are contributing more than €250 over the course of the year through this
method, you might like to consider Planned Giving.
Planned Giving can be done in any one of the following ways:
*The envelope system enables parishioners to donate regular cash
amounts which can be recorded for tax refund purposes. Envelopes can be
obtained from the churchwardens.
*By setting up a standing order with your bank for a minimum donation of
€5 per week (or monthly or quarterly equivalent).
*A donation or donations totalling at least €250 can be made directly to
the Parish Treasurer, Scott Golden, Malvern House, The Glebe, Wicklow