The Twelve Days Of Christmas

This festive song can be adapted to provide guidance for the days following Christmas, as encouragement to begin 2020 with the environment (and health) in mind.

On the 1st Day of Christmas: Eat or freeze left-over turkey and ham; DO NOT throw out.

2nd day: When tidying up Christmas debris, carefully fold undamaged wrapping paper and store for future use; recycle gift labels, torn/crumpled paper and all recyclable gift packaging.

3rd day: Go for a good walk (weather permitting) to burn off some excess calories.

4th day: Local parishioners could walk or cycle to Church.

5th day: Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, reduce amount of treats consumed.

6th day: Check home thermostats and turn them down a degree or two and the length of time heating is on. To assist in being comfortable, wear woollen jumpers rather than cotton hoodies.

7th day: Make a list of all home bills involving using electricity, reduce use where possible; money saved = energy saved = good for the environment.

8th day: Can you reduce the miles you drive? Try a car free day, take time out to relax instead.

9th day: Look at your (or a friend / relative’s) garden and plan for next summer – e.g. decide what salads and vegetables to grow, plant fruit bushes, buy a gardening book, join Seed Savers.

10th day: Take a day out to enjoy Mother Nature. Can you do anything to help? Join a conservation organisation? Pick up litter?

11th day: Plant trees or buy some for others to plant.

12th day: When taking down decorations, store carefully for use next Christmas. Recycle any malfunctioning lights. Bring Christmas trees to local collection point.