Which view do you take?

We are constantly bombarded by news of the gravity of the threat that climate change poses to humanity, to the earth, to biodiversity. Some people ‘switch off’ and think that the situation is being exaggerated, while others realise that there is an urgent need to take actions to ameliorate our own impact on the world. Which view do you take?

Some people laugh at politicians for suggesting small steps to lessen our impact, others build these steps into their daily routines. Which view do you take?

Some people deride politicians for aiming too high, believing the big steps needed are just too difficult to take, the sacrifices too great; others take every step they can. Which view do you take?

Some people refuse to worry about climate change, hoping everything will be all right; others take the situation very seriously and reduce their own environmental impact as much as possible. Which view do you take?

If drought and high summer temperatures cause food shortages as predicted, some people will blame governments and say they should do more to help; others will realise that human activities are to blame. Which view do you take?